“Laura feels like a real sister who really listens to me … I could not ask for anything more.”

Big Sister Laura and Little Sister Emily were matched in the Community-Based program in 2009. As the one of her siblings still living at home with a working mother, Emily often felt lonely. But thanks to her mother, Emily was enrolled in the Community-Based program at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

It was here that Little Sister Emily found a friend, mentor and confidant in Big Sister Laura; someone who could help her get back on the path to success. Because of Laura’s gentle guidance, reliability and gentle encouragement, Emily has gone from once struggling in school to setting the curve at the top of her class. Today, Emily is a senior in high school and plans to attend college to study creative writing.

The BBBS Match Support team describes this match as a “perfect fit.” The relationship between Laura and Emily is a prime example of what the BBBS mentoring program is all about. While academics continue to be a main point of focus during their outings, Emily & Laura enjoy baking, knitting and their favorite activity: just chatting.

“Emily has such a kind heart and is very loving, caring and giving,” said Big Sister Laura. “I leave Emily feeling so much better, like I’ve made a difference … I think Emily feels she can talk to me about things and knows I care enough that she focuses on doing the right things.”

“It’s a great experience being a Little in the BBBS Program. Laura feels like a real sister who really listens to me … I could not ask for anything more,” said Little Sister Emily. “She’s given me encouragement and lifesaving advice.” It’s perfect. She’s really nice and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

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