All grown up and giving back

When Big Brother Donnevin enrolled to be a volunteer in 2013, he was no stranger to Big Brothers Big Sisters – in fact, he was originally a Little Brother in the Community-Based mentoring program.

When he was first enrolled to be a Little Brother, Donnevin lived with his mother and two half-sisters and had no contact with his father. Donnevin was surrounded by women in his home life and needed guidance from a caring male role model. He was matched with Big Brother Don in 2004 and the two quickly became fast friends.

Within the first year of his match with Don, Donnevin began to experience BIG changes in his life. His grades improved and he discovered his passion for learning new things. He developed stronger relationships with friends who made good choices. And he became more outgoing in his daily interactions with others. Thanks to the guidance and support he received from Don, Donnevin went on to graduate high school and pursue a degree in Human Services.

Given his background with the Agency, Donnevin knew exactly how much of an impact a caring mentor on a child’s life and was eager to pay it forward to another child in need. He was matched with Little Brother Maurice in April 2013 and the two have been friends ever since!

“I like Donnevin – he’s cool and smart,” said Little Brother Maurice. “I just wish that I could hang out with him every day!”

In the three years they’ve been matched, Donnevin and Maurice have found that they share a love for sports, video games and Chinese food. Like Donnevin, Maurice has little contact with this father, so Donnevin strives to be a caring male role model in Maurice’s life who reaffirms positive behavior.

“As a former Little Brother, I know exactly how much impact having a mentor can make – that’s why it was so important for me to give back when I became an adult,” said Big Brother Donnevin. “Maurice and I have been matched for nearly three years and we really enjoy hanging out. I feel like we are creating a great friendship.”

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