"I realized that I, too, could be successful"

Big Brother Clifford and Little Brother Arthur were matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters in 1991. At the time of their match, Arthur’s father was not in the picture and he was being raised solely by his mother. Like so many children, Arthur needed a positive male role model in his life. He found that role model in Clifford.

“I remember Cliff telling me, ‘You know, Arthur, there’s a different world out there and it’s my goal to show it to you,” said Arthur.

During his time with Clifford, Arthur received a much-needed escape from the negative pressures that surrounded his home life. Clifford regularly invited Arthur to his house for dinner and to watch basketball games on TV. He let Arthur help him mix tapes for his DJ business he ran alongside his regular job. And he took Arthur on college visits to open his eyes to the world of possibilities that awaited him after high school.

With just a little time and gentle encouragement, Clifford began to see BIG changes in Little Brother Arthur, who went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministries in 2004 and then a Master’s degree in youth ministry leadership in 2012.

“When I looked at Cliff, I saw a successful man,” said Arthur. “I realized that I, too, could be successful.”

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