Match of a Lifetime

Little Sister Pamela was matched with Big Sister Joyce at a time that she needed it most. At the time of their match, Pamela was living in a foster home and badly needed a caring and consistent role model whom she could confide in. She found that role model in Joyce.

During their time together, Joyce was always cheerful and engaging. They had monthly outings during which they would get ice cream, do arts and crafts, spend time with Joyce’s family or simply chat about life. Joyce always listened to Pamela with an open heart and never expressed any judgment.

Even when their matched closed, Joyce continued to spend time with Pamela. She welcomed Pamela as a part of her own family and provided her with gentle encouragement to reaffirm positive behavior. Thanks to Joyce’s steadfast commitment, Pamela went on to earn two degrees and start a career as a nurse. Today, she is a proud wife, mother of two and an advocate for Big Brothers Big Sisters. And while she accomplished so much on her own, she attributes much of her success to her relationship with Joyce.
“Everyone needs a strong influence in their life, but women need women,” said Pamela.

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